There are so many beautiful places to live, or visit, in New Zealand, and one of these is Wellington. While here, there is much to see and do. One of the grandest experiences is a day at one of the many exceptional spas that are located here.

Spring Spa Wellington

This is a spa that has a dual focus on both enhancing the appearance and creating a relaxing experience. The spa offers a selection of services, so it is a great treat to be able to pick and choose what one feels they may enjoy at the time of visiting. The atmosphere is one that is relaxing in itself and is surely one where an individual doesn’t mind spending some time.

East Day Spa

A day spa offers the convenience of being able to set aside a few hours for a person to allow themselves to be pampered. The East Day Spa recognises the importance of this and has made it their priority to offer the ultimate in services. The Spa believes in holistic approaches with their treatments, and they each have a Southeast Asian flair to them. When one leaves this spa, they do so reluctantly as they don’t want the day to end.

Le Mer Boutique Day Spa

This one is not located precisely in Wellington, but is not too far away, as it is found at Pukerua Bay. It is an ideal location because it allows a patron to escape from the hub of activity of the city. Just arriving at this spa starts the experience of what an exceptional quality spa has to offer. They rely on ocean minerals for many of their treatments, as they recognise the real value of what nature has to offer.

These, as well as several other spas in Wellington, have what it takes to make a person feel special.