Spa Services Considered to Be a Little Different

Most people that are going to have a spa service are expecting to have a choice from the standard types of treatment that these establishments have to offer. There are some spas, however, that have a surprise in store for their clients.

Fish and Feet

In some exotic spas, like those in Asia, for example, they use the Doctor Fish as part of some of their treatments. These fish like to dine on dead skin. So, for those who need their feet exfoliated for example, then at one of these spas, they may find that they are soaking their feet in a tank of water, where the Doctor fish have been added. Some of those who have tried this, claim it is a pleasant experience although it is a little ticklish. Others say it is like being snapped with an elastic. It is believed that these fish have an antiseptic in their saliva.

How About a Cocktail, but Not the Way You Think?

At one particular spa, you may at first think that you are going to be receiving a Mojito as your refreshment. But, the big surprise will come when this is actually used as your body scrub for your treatment. Following this sugary scrub, you get showered, which is then followed up with a mint/lime oil massage. At first, you may have been a bit disappointed that the Mojito was not for consumption, but after experiencing this treatment, your disappointment will turn into great enjoyment.

A Very Expensive Facial in More Ways Than One

Some facials at very elite spas can be quite expensive, maybe up to $250 might not be considered that unreasonable. However, when one discovers that the substance used in this facial for the treatment is made of 24K gold, then the recipient really does feel like they are getting their monies worth. The renowned beauty company UMO has developed this astonishing 24K gold facial treatment.