Most people enjoy a good party, and when it comes to one that is comprised of pure pleasure, then a New Zealand spa event should top the list.

What is Expected at a Spa Party?

A spa party means that a group of individuals can book a set period of time, to all attend a spa at the same time. While there, each guest will be subjected to a variety of treatments. Many spas in New Zealand are able to accommodate a spa party.

Common Types of Services Offered to a Spa Party

A spa party will be constricted by time limits. Usually, the services that are going to be offered will take several hours to complete. Each spa will have its own plans for the parties they offer. How it is arranged will depend on the number included in the party. The spa may work on a rotation basis, meaning that the party group will be separated into smaller groups. While the first group is having one particular service performed, the others will be enjoying another treatment. Or, one group may be served refreshments, while the others have their procedures.

Common Types of Spa Services Included in a Spa Party

The services will vary, with some taking less time than others. Some of the common types of services include:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facial
  • Massage

Arranging for the Spa Party

There is usually one client that will look after the arrangements for the spa party. This individual has to determine who are going to be the guests. Firstly, the client should contact the spa and ask them about the party packages that they offer. This will help to determine how many people the spa can accommodate at one time. The spa may also provide details of different types of party packages.