Some individuals are not sure as to what the differences are between a beauty salon and a spa. A spa may offer some of the same services that a beauty salon provides, but for the most part, the spa treatments are far more extensive. Many of the spas like to deliver packages. These are usually comprised of a set of services that will enhance each other.


Almost all of the spa packages that are being offered will include some type of massage. This is a service that is divided into a variety of different types of massage. The spa packages may differ in which particular massage is going to be included. Some of the common types of massage that may be found as part of a spa package are:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Destress Massage
  • Rejuvenation Massage

It is a common practice for spas in New Zealand to develop their own speciality massage. Some examples of these are reflexology or prenatal massage.


Almost every spa will include a facial in their spa package. This focuses more on the appearance, but most spas work on the premise that if you look good, then you will feel good. Again, the facials will vary according to the spa package that has been developed. For example, if it is a relaxation package, then the facial chosen, will be one that revolves around this purpose.

Body Treatments

The body treatments in a spa package can vary widely depending on the type of establishment. Day spas have a specific amount of time that they have allotted for their packages. The body treatment chosen for the package has to fit in with the time schedule.

Most of the spas will have a variety of packages to choose from, and they will all be treatment-based.