Many different regions make up the country of New Zealand. This means that there are many unique spas that both residents, and visitors, can access to enjoy the many services that a quality establishment has to offer. The following are just a few chosen examples of many spas, that are ready, willing and able, to provide a fantastic experience for those who wish to be pampered.

Hammer Springs

Many different factors go into keeping an individual looking attractive and feeling healthy. A good spa in New Zealand accepts this as their priority. No further than two hours outside of Christchurch, spa enthusiasts can find a wonderful experience. Here there are many natural thermal rock and sulphur pools that spa entities are incorporating into their services. The Spa at Hammer Springs is world-renowned and has created some amazing treatments and services that cannot be found elsewhere.

Matakauri Lodge and Spa

For those that want a spa experience while in New Zealand that is widely recognised, then they are going to enjoy what the Matakauri Lodge has waiting for them. It is just a short drive from Queenstown. The spa segment of this facility focuses on holistic services that are customised for each individual guest. This customisation is what has added to the popularity of this spa. Every person is unique, so it stands to reason that a spa treatment that is going to be totally effective would have to be personalised.

Polynesians Spa

Yes, even though one may be seeking out a spa service in New Zealand, they can still enjoy what a Polynesian treatment has to offer. Part of this includes some time in a natural hot pool. Added to this, is the choice of 28 hot mineral spring pools that are going to create some amazing results for the participant.