To detoxify means getting rid of unwanted particles and components, that have collected in the skin. There are different approaches to this. Most spas that offer quality treatments, particularly those in New Zealand, will almost always have a detoxification treatment on their service list.

The Purposes of Facials?

There are several different reasons why one of the popular services offered by spas in New Zealand is facial treatments. They can be chosen to:

  • Address a specific skin problem
  • Help slow down the ageing process
  • Act as a preventative to potential skin problems
  • Aid relaxation

There is one component that can be used in all of these types of facials, and that is the oil of lavender.

Why Detoxify First?

Many of the NZ spas will recommend a detoxification facial first, before entering into any of the other types of treatments. There is a good reason for this. The skin care specialist wants to start with a clean foundation. They can only do that by getting rid of the impurities that the skin they are treating contains. These can be impurities that are being created internally. They can also include environmental contaminants.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil contains all the components needed for the detoxification purpose. It can draw many of the toxins to the surface of the skin. Then, with the rest of the facial procedure, these toxins can be removed. Lavender oil possesses anti-bacterial qualities. Toxin laden skin will have a lot of unwanted bacteria present. The lavender oil can effectively tackle this.

The spa technician has the expertise and training to make any needed decisions when it comes to skin detoxification. This expert has to know how severe it is. Those that have regular facials will not be in as much need of detoxification as what others may be.