When a person uses spa services most often they will be subjected to many different types of products which include essential oils. One of these that is very important to spa services is Lavender. This is because it is used for many different purposes. It is not only good for the appearance but it can be used to help create wellness when applied during various services.

Lavender for Tired Muscles

Spas have got to the point where they now cater to both genders. They have had to expand their services to accommodate this. One treatment that many of them offer is treatments for those who have tired muscles. There are a variety of causes for this. One of the most helpful treatments is massage. In the massage category, there are various subcategories that include using different techniques and different products to aid in the service. One that is a favorite of many who perform spa services is lavender.

Lavender as an Oil

Lavender is commonly used as an essential oil and is applied to the skin. For the massage it is the medium that is used to help with the massage manipulations as well as an oil that can penetrate the skin to help relax the muscles that are being treated in the massage.

Another way that the lavender oil may be used indirectly for treating the tired muscles is by using the oil in a vaporizer. The oil is allowed to permeate the air which is then breathed in by the client being exposed to it. It helps the client to relax. Most often tired muscles become tense and in order to treat them the spa technican will use resources to help the muscles relax which is what lavender is capable of when used in a variety of different ways.