One of the exciting concepts about spas in New Zealand is that there are multiple choices when it comes to the type that can be enjoyed. For many, as they have limited time available to them, they will opt to utilise day spas. For those in the Auckland area, there is an excellent choice of day spas to choose from. Here are a few examples of some of them.

Spa Di Vine

Simply arriving here begins the experience, as this spa is set in an ultra beautiful natural environment. As one walks up to the doors of this stone mansion, that is now serving as an establishment to offer exceptional spa services, it immediately makes one feel special.

Patrons here get to experience both the outdoors, as well as the indoors, making up part of their spa experience. As one can expect from a spa, there are a variety of massages that are offered here, but one that many consider as exceptional is the bamboo massage. For the ultimate spa experience, one should opt for a head to toe treatment.

Sky City East Day Spa

The only regret that one may have about the Sky City Spa is that this is a day spa, as so many are reluctant to leave once they have begun to enjoy what it offers. The theme here is an East Asian one, so this is just a hint of what type of atmosphere is going to make up the spa setting. The focus here is on healing, both physically and mentally, so many of the treatments are based on this concept.

Forme Spa

Some may be familiar with the Forme Spa, as they are not only located in Auckland but in some other regions as well. This is a spa that is equally appreciated by both genders, and the ultimate goal here is relaxation.