Anyone that has spent time in New Zealand will be the first to tell you that there is much to be enjoyed here. There are plenty of activities with lots of entertainment. There are some quality spas and beauty establishments that are ready, willing and able to pamper you. This site is dedicated to this industry in New Zealand because it deserves all the attention that it can get.

The Spa

There are several sections here that are dedicated to the spa and its beauty related services. But spas are not just about creating a beautiful appearance. They are also about enhancing the well being of individuals who use their services.

There is some information here about;

  • What a spa is
  • What spa packages are about
  • Spa parties

All of these topics are going to be of great interest for those that want to know more about the spas in New Zealand.


Spas and beauty establishments use many different important products to carry out their services. One of the most beneficial is lavender, and the information we have gathered for you here will explain why.

Spa and Beauty News

Here, there is a whole mix of exciting information as it relates to spas and beauty. Some of it will be a little different, but each news post has some level of importance.

Spas and Casinos

This may seem like a peculiar mix of industries, but they both have something in common, and that is their focus on pleasing their clients. You will find our section about this to be most interesting.